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Dapper Dash
Supercharged dinos! Mech-pals on the run! Boulders threatening to turn you into fossils!
From the prehistoric minds behind Dapper Dinos NFT comes an exhilarating, heart-pounding endless runner that will have you gripping the edge of your seat with your claws!

Join our intrepid hero Charli and his Frens at Veecon as they embark on a Jurassic adventure. Race to outpace extinction and claim the ultimate prize in this dino-mite adventure that's eons ahead of the competition!
Calling All Champions!!!
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From Dapper to Dashing
AUGUST 25, 2021
The Dapper Dinos were the 1st ever Pre-Launch Program through VeeFriends and Gary V (PLP). Hand-selected from hundreds of applicants by Gary himself, it was an honor to be selected based upon our vision and goals not just for our project, but for the entire space.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2021
Dapper Dinos OG collection was minted,  sold out in under 10 minutes.
SEPTEMBER 23, 2021
Karma Comet event,
555 holders sacrifice their dinos and in return get a new pfp featuring artwork from 3 renowned artists.
DECEMBER 28, 2021
We are proud to label ourselves as one of the most philanthropic NFT projects to exist. Our $300,000 donation to Girls Who Code is one of the largest single donations in the NFT and Web3 space.
MAY 20, 2022
Two of our founders, Rick Seeger and Chris Gallagher were invited to speak at the inaugural VeeCon event held in Minneapolis. They joined some of the other top founders, builders, and influencers within the industry on stage for some great discussions.
MAY 30, 2022
Launch of breeding experience.
Allowed holders to take two OG dinos and breed for genetically accurate baby versions of their parents.  We also included chaos theory to give everyone a random chance of minting something super rare.
june 29, 2022
Begin exploration of the Dapper Dinos 3D platformer.
september 12, 2022
Signed agreement with gaming studio to build the 3D platformer. Targeting 2024 release data.
october 6, 2022
Begin building new version of Dapper Dash with the new studio.
april 13, 2023
Launched Dino Games, blockchain based survival mint.
may 18, 2023
Invited back to WeeCom's NFT Land to exhibit Dapper Dash for the world.
First look at AA platformer mechanics.
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